Halloween – Permission to Transform

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Halloween – Permission to Transform


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With Halloween around the corner I am always reminded of how excited people are to dress up and become a character. It is the one permissible day where you can look like and act out fantasies…without being arrested.

Actors too are also allowed this permission to be someone other than themselves.

After years of image consulting actors I have found that one of the most compelling and appealing reasons to act is the permission to step out of their life to play and transform for a role. They can become freer in self-expression without the fear of humiliation for doing so by dressing the part with clothing, hair, and make-up, actors can more easily embody the role. In turn, this creates a deeper inner connection and outer behavior for the actor.

I sometimes wonder why we can’t take more of the freedom that Halloween allows us into our everyday lives.

If “all the world is a stage” then give yourself permission to bring a bit more of that attitude to into your everyday life. Just no scary masks please 🙂

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