image consultations

Your image is the way the world perceives us. The need for people to draw attention to them selves and stand out from the pack has become more difficult and more important in the world marketplace. This is done with clear intentions in mind. Most of us are not born looking the right part or knowing what is expected or needed. Many successful people have been mentored or groomed to become the natural beauties, success stories or just put together by professional image consultations.

Image consultations help identify a client’s style, identify how they are perceived, and how they want to be perceived. It is also a way to empower yourself, find your strengths and weaknesses, boost self-confidence, and have a clear road map to molding your personal identity.

Your appearance is the first impression you make before you ever open your mouth. You are communicating with your visual impression. You are being “sized up” by the others in the room. Whether you are a socialite, actor, director, or doctor you should have a clear concept of the visual impression you are trying to make.

My business is based on an individual approach that is personalized to fit each client’s needs. A personal image consultant does not simply find the best clothes to wear or the best colors for your skin. I find out who you are. I help you clarify your intentions and uncover your natural gifts and assets.

There is no “One Size Fits All” with image consulting.  
Everyone has there own individual needs and wants. By filling out a questionnaire before the consultation the client starts the process of self-awareness.

For the actor, my approach to image consulting does not simply require knowledge of colors and clothes that look good on you, but also helps you to understand what you, “the product” are selling and who is your customer. The uncovering of your true self and acceptance of how you are perceived is vital to your success. Your buyers are the casting agents, producers, directors, and ultimately, the audience.  The actor must come into meetings and auditions knowing who they are and what they are. As a writer or director you are pitching and selling yourself not just your talent.

For the professional in business you must make your customer feel comfortable and show an image that is vital to building that believability, acceptance and trust. You may be one of the best in your field or expertise, but if they don’t like what they see, they may never see what you got.

Many artists don’t like working or even dealing with the “suits”. The business meetings are painful and a necessary evil. I help the “artist type” to navigate through the process of presenting themselves in those situations as an image consultant.