the professional image


  • Do you want the edge to land that job?
  • Applying for a new job or going back to the job market?
  • Do you have an interview that needs to give a positive and lasting impression?
  • Do you want to command respect or reflect a leader?
  • Do you to want to draw immediate positive response?
  • Do you have to speak or present to an audience with more confidence?

In today’s world, standing apart from the crowd is a good thing. In order to get where you want to go, you need to be able to express yourself and stand out from the rest.

Your image is the way the world perceives you. The need for people to draw attention to them selves and stand out from the pack has become more difficult and more important in the world marketplace.

In order to stand out in a way that is going to win friends and influence people, you have to know who you are, what are you expressing, and finding the most appropriate way for that message to come across.

Whether you are applying for college, starting your career, climbing the ladder, or getting back to the job market, a sharp image is vital. A sharp image is much more than a pair of pants and a pulled together look – a sharp image is a consistent message that comes from the inside out.

I take the coach approach to discovering and expressing the real you.

My programs include:

1. Your Unique Identity

As a professional certified coach, we start with uncovering your unique and authentic self. This is where the self-expression truly starts. We often live in a world where we “should” be a certain way or we “ought to” show up a bit left of center of who we are. This program is designed to discover you at your core so you express yourself in a way that feels authentic to land you the next career move.Together we discover:

  • Who are you and what makes you unique?
  • How you are perceived in the world?
  • Clarify your intentions and goals.
  • Identify Blocks and Limiting beliefs that get in your way.

2. Express Yourself

The next step is all about self-expression. Like it or not, appearance, communication, and overall presentation make a big difference. This is about authentically representing you.

Together we create and explore:

  • Clothing communication
  • Shopping options (Where to go and how to shop)
  • What to wear and when to wear it
  • Hair, Make-up, Grooming
  • Body, Fitness, Diet
  • Speaking, Voice, Body language

3. Your Personal Brand

Your authentic self expands beyond your physical image. Your website, LinkedIn, professional pictures, videos are also a part of your brand. These online expressions are a reflection and extension of you.
  • Marketing Image
  • Website tips and review
  • Professional pictures
  • Videos
  • On-Camera presence
  • Online Image