Shopping can either be a passion, an addiction, or a nightmare. Or maybe all three?

Shopping for clothes does not come naturally for many people. It can be very difficult to pick out the best look for yourself.

Clothing style is a personal reflection of one’s self and one that you identify with.  Having a personal stylist/image consultant can help achieve the image and appearance you desire.

Do you look at fashion magazines and can’t figure out who wears this or who can afford it? Fashion shoots are an artistic expression of the designers and the branding marketers. They want you to identify with their image and buy their clothes.

You choose from these fashions what is your style. And your style changes as you change. An outfit helps to portray one’s image. Clothing is crucial in projecting an image.

We all know that tall skinny men and women under 25 look the best in clothes, but the reality is that most of us aren’t. Our entertainment and fashion industry have been selling skinny for a long time but many beautiful people and bodies are not skinny. Dressing for your body type is important in your image. Making your body healthy through diet and exercise is more important than being skinny. A lifestyle of healthy choices will reward you with the beautiful body without dieting. Dieting doesn’t work, lifestyle choices do.

I can give you advise about your body type and if you need to lose weight and how to achieve the results you want. I recommend different alternatives to putting you on the path to achieve the goals you want with many professional referrals if needed.

My personal shopping service is a journey to uncover what works for YOU, either in the stores or on the internet.

As a wardrobe stylist, I find the clothes that are best suited for your lifestyles, your body, your personality, auditions and or headshots.

A personal stylist shopping service is either in the stores or on the internet. I can do it with you or for you.

Some people need a wardrobe analysis first and then we fill in the closet blanks.

I can go to your place or you can bring me a suitcase or two and we will do a fitting and edit it.

If you need clothes for work, an event, an audition, or just because you need a make over, I can help.

I believe that shopping is a process and that you must learn how to do it.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

•Where to shop?
•How is it suppose to fit?
•What looks good on me?
•What colors do I look best in?
•What is black tie or cocktail outfits?
•What shoes do I wear?
•How can I afford to look good?
•What can give me the biggest bang for my buck?
•Can I return it?
•My boyfriend needs serious fashion help and he won’t let me. Can you dress him?

Let’s face it, if you got money you can look amazing. But most of us don’t have a money tree so we must stretch our shopping dollars. Building a wardrobe to last for years is an investment in yourself and your image.